Turning into the dust

animation / performance
A kind of confusion occurs when a tornado of fears and analysis floods every possible abyss of thought. These thoughts billow like swirling, particular mist, akin to thick lava filling a vessel. We find it challenging to isolate ourselves from this growing tension. The tragedies around us, such as the ecological crisis, the economic crisis, and the war in Ukraine, have a profound impact on individuals. This state is often referred to as overstimulation.
The animation mapped around the head serves as a metaphorical visualization of emerging thoughts. I liken the mental situation to cosmic dust, which, in a similar way, could be seen as an uncontrollable creation. The appearance of overstimulation in our everyday life can be more easily adapted if we view it as natural from a larger perspective – one that includes an expanded perception of the enormity of movements taking place in space. It serves as a poetic compromise for self-acceptance and understanding. ​​​​​​​

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