Agata Siek - painter and artist born in Poland. Graduated at the Multimedia Artistic Creation Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.
Her works are connected to the process of philosophical exploration, discovering identity and relating the fragility of being to the nature. She uses intermedia juxtapositions - combines manual and interactive actions final formed by using technology. She also works in the field of video, performance and multimedia art.

Artist Statement
I believe that nothing is impossible, we just undiscovered all solutions yet. I am looking for a dialogue between the dimensions of reality and analyze the multiplicity of views. I broaden my perspective by putting myself in unconventional situations, in which my lonely travels to distant places help me the most.
An important issue in my analysis is the connection of human with its own nature and the surrounding world. I am being interested in the human journey in discovering one's own identity and perspectives of perceiving reality drawn from psychology, oneirism, shamanism and cosmocentrism.
I adapt reality emotionally - I am particularly affected by the problems of the modern world. Art is a language that speaks to the depths of our consciousness, opens the dimension of sensitivity and allows me to perceive the imperceptible. I treat my artworks as pieces of a puzzle to connect societies with inner wisdom.

2018 – 2021 
Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, Graphic Arts Department
(Master of Art in February 2021)
sub-mayor: Multimedia Art, prof. Piotr Welk; 
Intermedia Arts, prof. Andrzej Weclawski;
Studio Painting, prof. Paweł Nowak
2015 - 2018 
Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Graphic and Painting Department
Graphic Design, UJ design, prof. Tomasz Olszynski
Digital Media, dr Piotr Gryz, 
Studio of semantic painting, prof. Zbigniew Nowicki
Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Escola das Artes
Internship focused on: cinema, post-production, animation 3D, interactive art, computer music, science and technology of arts
2011 - 2015 
Gerson High School of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Technician of Art, specialization: Visual Advertisement

exhibitions / events:

ForestZoom festival, Machnacz, Poland
Sopptember festival, Viking Village, Snartemo, Norway 
Buszowisko one night event, Warsaw, Poland
Zwyklosci Exhibition, Pop’n’Art, Lodz, Poland
Solo printing night event at V9 Gallery, Warsaw
Jerzy Waldorff Summer Festival, Radziejowice, Poland
Warsaw Museum Night, Mapping on Czapski Palac, Poland 
Vernissage + techno exhibition, Lodz, Poland 
Plein - Air Exhibition, Gallery ASP, Lodz, Poland

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