I looked at the sun again

When I traveled to Spain in February, the weather was still chilly, and I found myself wearing a winter jacket. As the summer heat approached, the government ordered all townspeople to stay at home. Unfortunately, my apartment lacked a window that would allow the warm rays of the sun to break in and caress my skin, even for a moment. During those days, taking walks was prohibited, and the only destination available was a small shop across the street. However, even in that area, the streets were narrow and tall buildings blocked the sunlight from reaching the ground on time. For three long months, I yearned for a glimpse of the radiant white circle in the sky, for nights adorned with twinkling stars, for breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, and for the sky to be painted in all shades of gold. I craved the full spectrum of colors and scents that the summer season brings.

I looked at the the sun again is the story made of emotional paintings, influenced by an event when I left my flat for the first time after quarantine. After such a long time in a small, dark apartment, I moved to a countryside home with a beautiful ocean view.

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