Scenography projects in 2023
Planets for Google Campus /  2023  /  styrofoam, acrylic, acrylic fabrics
© designed by Fieldwork

Bea World The international Festival of Events and Live Communication 2023:
1st Award - Educational/training event and Best Business Effectiveness, 
2st Award - Educational/training event 

I took charge of crafting decorations for this scenography in the project, producing six distinct sizes of planets that ranged from the smallest at 50 cm to the largest at 2 meters long. The project was executed precisely in response to the pre-made design.

Rock Theatre Stage /  2023  /  styrofoam, acrylic paints, spray
Olav Den Heldige Theatre Show
customer: Den Heldige AS
collabo with Ivan Johannson
Involved in the construction of a lightweight and exceptionally durable mountain stage for theater actors, my responsibilities included shaping the structure on a pre-existing frame and meticulously painting the entire surface to achieve a realistic rock-like appearance. The stage dimensions were around 12m x 8m.

Gingerbread houses / 2023 / spray paints, jesmonite
Asbjorns Kalender TV Show
© designed by Seefood TV 
photo: TV2 Norge
project made at dekorverkstedet

Based on the project sketch, we used CNC technology to cut out the specified shapes. I then constructed the forms and crafted
a surface that mimicked the appearance of a gingerbread cake. Subsequently, I adorned them with icing and candies. The entire project was executed in line with the concept of having a homemade, ‘happy amateur’ baked aesthetic.
Event at the Norske Opera  / 2023  / acrylic paints
The Crown permiere
© Netflix Norge
cooperation with Fieldwork
made at Dekorverkstedet
I played a key role in this project by envisioning the scenography for the event, visualizing the inspirations and ideas presented by the client into a cohesive design. Later in the implementation phase, I constructed an artificial hedge, I painted a wall specifically for photo sessions, also selecting the perfect shade of gold for the frames. This included the main frame featured in the photo above, as well as two additional frames designed for selfie photos. 

Painting for cantina in Drammen Street Food / 2022
I conceptualized and brought to life a mural commission, carefully planning the design to harmonize with the graphic design standards implemented by the restaurant.
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